Lee Hollick Photography | BHR/BSSO Anglesey 4th Meeting
Fantastic weekend in North Wales, Anglesey when the weather is with you and it was you can't beat it, it has to be one of the best circuits in the country its certainly mine the race schedule was spot on thanks to all the hard work done by all the Team of BHR officials around the circuit THANK YOU over 12 hours for my return journey but so what if only all weekends were like that. as you may have seen below all pictures from Saturday are now uploaded and Sundays will trickle on to the site when requested I did cover all the races including pr6 parades and lunchtime taxi-rides, take a look and if you still want to see sundays just contact me through the various ways my details can be found in the race programme at the bottom of page 4. Thanks see you back in South Wales at the Pembrey Circuit in 2 weeks.