Welcome to my site, which was set up so you and others can view what I have photographed over recent weeks and months. The website was started at the beginning of 2013 to help assist me in my role as British Historic Racing Club Photographer, however I have been actively following and photographing racing for many years in a progressive way this site is now starting its 7th race season and has in excess of 124,700 photos loaded from 2010 and into 2020 events that i have attended this site has been visited by well over 25,500 visitors. The photos are based around the Motorcycle/Scooter Racing Clubs that I follow mainly (BHR) British Historic Racing the Racing Division of The Vintage Motorcycle Club (VMCC) and the (BSSO) British Scooter Sport Organisation the latter sharing the same Paddock along with BSA Bantams/Ducati plus Various Sidecars/Morgan's Also there are some other 2 or 4 wheeled Motoring Events to be found. This site will grow and grow so please take your time in looking you never know you might even find some pictures of yourself. If at any point you have a difficulty in finding your pictures please message me and I will do my best to assist you by placing pictures in your own album I am active on this site multiple times a day.

Thanks for Looking Lee Hollick.